I haven't written in a while and I'm sad that this is what I'm writing about but I know that it will make me feel a little better. Today my puppy passed away. She was the sweetest thing ever. We got her in November two weeks before Thanksgiving. She was found abandoned in the Baxter [...]


Open your eyes 

Do you ever just close your eyes,take a deep breath and almost forget where you are? You've been so incredibly wrapped up in the chaos of life that you're going through the motions and not really seeing what's around you. The world is full of noise. Magazines, teachers , friends, tv, what's cool, what's not, [...]

New year Improved Me

2017 holy guac, what a YEAR man!! There has been major ups and downs going on in all aspects of my life. This year will be MY year. I know every year people say they are going to change and each time they fall back into their old habits and forget about the New Years [...]

It’s beginning to look a lot like..

Today is the 9th day of the most wonderful time of year. It’s also the end of the year and it ends with the jolliest and holiest month of all. It’s full of family dinners with food you’ve been waiting to eat for months, prayers to our Lord and Savior, presents you’ve thoughtfully bought for [...]

The Ocean is mine

Yesterday I had an insane amount of time. I went to the beach which is hands down my favorite place on earth. I’ve always loved swimming but swimming in the ocean is even better. The air was humid and cloudy and the sand was perfectly white and soft. The sound of the seagulls calling and [...]

Geeking out

Yesterday I spent my beautiful Sunday at one of my favorite places in the world. Hundreds of people with their families laughing and taking pictures. Kids asking their parents for money to play games, teenagers getting in line to ride rollercoasters, and parents smiling at their happy children. Universal Studios is a wonderful place. It’s [...]

Adventure that lays ahead

I haven’t posted in a while and I really need to start blogging again, so here is the new start to that. I am overwhelmed and incredibly excited about this Saturday. I am getting on a plane at 6am to head towards my favorite place in the world. I love traveling whether it be by [...]

Spooky times

It’s officially the spookiest time of the year and I am so unbelievably excited. The candy, the costumes, the family traditions, and most of all the cute fall outfits! These next few months are going to rock. My friends and I have made plans to lots of fun this month. Pumpkin patches, haunted houses, sleepovers, [...]

Life is Lovely

Have you ever just sat down and realized how good life is? Today I took a moment to really think about all the things I have improved on to make me happy and it’s made life so much better. Focusing on your self is important. God has opened my eyes and helped me see the [...]

Shine bright like the Sun

Sometimes life seems impossible. No matter how hard you try, you can't put a smile on your face. When you feel sad and your day is as dark as the night sky and seeking the stars is just not working. Chase the sun. It's a constant reminder that we can rise again from our dark [...]