Exist Loudly

I think that colors can describe a person. Now I'm not sure what color describes me but one of my favorites is yellow. It's the brightest color. That does not mean that any other color is less important but to me it's a very meaningful color. Yellow is different. I think it automatically makes a [...]

The Beauty of Nature

Have you ever been on vacation and the minute you get to your destination you start taking pictures. You're so excited because you want to take it all in and capture everything. Well the truth is, you can't. I realized that the pictures don't do the view justice. It's like an insult to Mother Nature. [...]

Spoiler Alert, I’ve fallen in love 

Have you ever fallen in love with a book? So far in love that during the day, at the most important thing in your list of things to do you think about that book. So far that you start to believe that the person in the book is you. And you're reading a version of [...]

People need people 

Every person has a moment in their life where they think they can do it all on their own. When they become that inner person with loads of confidence and knowledge about the world. So instead of venting to someone about the rough day they had at work or even hugging a close friend, they [...]


Today I thought about what I could do to help me stay, me and happy.  I decided that I will write letters to all of my friends at school so that I can keep in touch with them. I am also getting back in to reading a book every month. Before I started college I read [...]

He’s in control

It is very frustrating when you are constantly put in situations that you can not control. You do everything you believe is right and say what you feel but no matter what happens, nothing changes. I have been going through some tough times in the last week. Working to make sure that my voice is [...]

His good things will come 

Lately I've been really frustrated with the way things are going. The decision was made about continuing my college education and the conclusion was that I am not going back to school this fall. I am going to take a gap year. This is not something that I want to do because I really enjoy [...]

Trust Him 

Everyday God tests you. He sets up obstacles throughout your life that he wants you to overcome. But he never does so with the mindset that you will fail. He knows exactly what you can take and he believes that you will become a better person for it. You must trust him. Trust that he [...]

The Beginning 

   For about 5 months I've really been struggling to love myself more than ever before. My hair, my body, my face, my voice, the things that I say and sometimes even my skin color. These are things that I wished were different. Things that I thought were imperfections. I even found that I put [...]